Though we are pressed into podcast servitude, under threat of brain scrambling, we still try and make the best of it. We have a great episode for you this week, as we discus family tradition movies. Not movies made for families, but ones that become traditions over time. We also discuss the Constantine/Arrow crossover as well as Casual and Master of None. Enjoy?


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Episode 17 - The Guardians of Gravity

Our intrepid space captives/moive reviewers once again discuss interesting bits of pop culture. On this episode we go over interstellar, guardians of the galaxy and constantine. 

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Epsiode 16 - Whookie Goldborg
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I think this may be my favorite episode so far, for two reasons: 1. The amount of terrible minesotian accents. 2. Radio Voice. On this episode we dicus X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fargo and a little know gem from the 70's, Jaws.


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On this Episode we have Ron from the Sorry, Your Podcast is in Another Castle podcast. Also, for some reason, we spend most of the episode talking about Night Court and Point Break. Enjoy!

Night Court


Point Break

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The Positronic Mage has once again abducted us from our homes and transported us to a strange and mystical land. Are we on another planet, or perhaps a new dimension? All we know is that danger lurks around every corner and all we are able to do is sit and discuss movies and TV shows. Such is the will of our malevolent overlord.

This episode we've got quite a few things on the docket. We discuss The Legend of Korra, The Lego Movie, Teen Wolf, True Detective, The Walking Dead and probably a fair number of things that I've forgotten about.

Thanks for downloading the episode and make sure to like us on facebook, or email us at


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There's something for everyone in this podcast. With topics ranging from smoking cheese to the movie Walk Hard. Enjoy!

Episode Recap:



Walk Hard

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We're making up for lost time here with a brand new episode. I promise, dear listener, we will have something like a schedule at some point. Until then, though, enjoy the random dates and fun times! On today's show we talk about This is the End, Super, Arrow, Futurama and Venture Brothers. We also explore the nature of Tom, are attacked by a bone monster and wonder about the psychology of Pepsi and Burger King. 

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New episode, hot off the hard drive! I'm very excited about this one. For the first time in the history of the podcasting, we have a special guest! Her name is Kate and I'm sure you're going to like her. Also, we talk about all kinds of fun stuff. There's Farscape, Django Unchained and Tom Cruise, does it get any better? The answer to that, gentle listener, is no. 

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Hey Everyone, We've got another cool show for you. Laurena and Nick embark on a Farscape adventure, on that they watch some, and Casey watches Skyfall and other relevant things. Hope you like it!

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