Episode 17 - The Guardians of Gravity

Our intrepid space captives/moive reviewers once again discuss interesting bits of pop culture. On this episode we go over interstellar, guardians of the galaxy and constantine. 

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Epsiode 16 - Whookie Goldborg
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I think this may be my favorite episode so far, for two reasons: 1. The amount of terrible minesotian accents. 2. Radio Voice. On this episode we dicus X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fargo and a little know gem from the 70's, Jaws.


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Once again, we have been torn from the safety of our everyday lives and thrust into the unfeeling void of the cold cold universe. Luckily for us, we wound up in the warm embrace of a marzipan tree. Now, the travel book that the Positronic Mage embeded in my brain doesn't have much information on the world where we recorded the show. However, I can tell you it was a beautiful place with a mint green sky and sentient coral colored rocks. I know that I will weep every night for the lack of it.

Anyway! This show has a great deal of discussion on Captian America: The Winter Soldier and Marvel: Agents of Shield. Also, we talk about the season finale of Parks and Rec and speculate on its future. This month's Re-watch Reckoing is the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Hope you all enjoy and leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

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On this Episode we have Ron from the Sorry, Your Podcast is in Another Castle podcast. Also, for some reason, we spend most of the episode talking about Night Court and Point Break. Enjoy!

Night Court


Point Break

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The Positronic Mage has once again abducted us from our homes and transported us to a strange and mystical land. Are we on another planet, or perhaps a new dimension? All we know is that danger lurks around every corner and all we are able to do is sit and discuss movies and TV shows. Such is the will of our malevolent overlord.

This episode we've got quite a few things on the docket. We discuss The Legend of Korra, The Lego Movie, Teen Wolf, True Detective, The Walking Dead and probably a fair number of things that I've forgotten about.

Thanks for downloading the episode and make sure to like us on facebook, or email us at posmagepod@gmail.com.


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There's something for everyone in this podcast. With topics ranging from smoking cheese to the movie Walk Hard. Enjoy!

Episode Recap:



Walk Hard

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