Hey Everyone, We've got another cool show for you. Laurena and Nick embark on a Farscape adventure, on that they watch some, and Casey watches Skyfall and other relevant things. Hope you like it!

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We got a brand new episode for you! Its so new that its practically from the future! We discus some interesting topics this week, such as Alphas, Looper, Walking Dead and eating in residence halls. Hope you like it. 

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This episode is a bit different. Instead of talking about one show, we're going to be talking about some of the different shows and books we've been interested in. Also, for some reason, Casey has a story about being hassled by the man. 

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We made it to episode two! Is it possible for this steamship of sci-fi awesome to ever roun aground? Never! This episode we will be talking about the "Vampire Diaries". But Nick, you are a 27 year old man, why are you talking about the Vampire Diaries? Are you some sort of simpleton? 

Shut Up! 

Anyway, as with the previous episode, we do a little meandering in the begining. Casey talks about his alternative lifestyle and I give up on mediocore fantasy. Also, is Lauren scared of ghosts? Listen and find out! 

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Welcome to the very first episode of The Positronic Mage. A podcast about everything in Science Fiction and Fantasy entertainment. This episode is a funny and insightful conversation about The Walking Dead.

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